Eugene Pantano

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Total insanity. TOTAL.. Magazines with 2 rounds, or 100. Is there really a difference? All this GUN insanity is a total waste of time. We need HARSH PUNISHMENT for CRIMINAL USE of firearms. One hundred new dumb gun laws solve nothing at all. Criminals could care less about laws. Wake up people. This is the way the left wants to take away your rights… bite by bite.. just like Hitler and the Russians did..

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Q: Do you support the repeal of the magazine limits enacted last year under HB 13-1224?
A: Yes

2014 Legislative Survey

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NO ANTI GUN LAWS are needed AT ALL.. We have so many laws is absurd.. We need to punish CRIMINAL USE of FIREARMS..NOT the PEOPLE in general – who own firearms..

Our CONSTITUTION is being destroyed by those who think like those in Europe before WW2..Is a disgrace what is going on in this Country.. I spent near 30 years in the US MILITARY…for what ?? We were supposed to be defending the AMERICAN way of life.. Where is it all now ??? Disgrace..

2nd Amendment Petition

5,219 signatures

The Second Amendment is under attack in Colorado. Guided by East Coast gun control lobbyists, Democrats are ushering in extreme proposals to criminalize private transfers of firearms; implement an ambiguously written magazine ban that will drive businesses out of the state; impose fees for purchasers of firearms and other back-handed legislative proposals to execute gun control.

This is why we are asking for your immediate help in combating these outrageous pieces of legislation. Please sign our online petition telling the Democrat majority you OPPOSE these gun control measures!

HB 1224: bans magazines with a capacity of more than 15 bullets. Magazines owned prior to the ban can be kept but cannot be transferred, sold, etc.

HB 1226: prohibits concealed carry on public college campuses.

HB 1228: charges fees for background checks.

HB 1229: requires a background check to be conducted by a licensed firearms dealer before any sale or transfer of a firearm. “Transfer” includes lending a firearm to a friend or family member on a temporary basis.

SB 195: requires concealed carry permit applicants to complete training in-person.

SB 196: “Assault Weapons Responsibility Act” makes users, owners, sellers, distributors, and manufacturers of firearms liable for harm caused by any firearm that was under their control at one point in time and is later misused by someone else.

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