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Here's How We're Working For You

published protect unborn children 2015-04-24 09:37:39 -0600

Protect unborn children

38 states and the federal government have laws to protect the unborn child and prosecute people who harm or kill an unborn child, against the wishes of its mother.

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Question of the Week

Colorado Republicans and Democrats are working on bipartisan legislation to limit the number of tests given to students.

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Protect kids

Under current law, schools are not legally obligated to protect our children from harm.  

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Mag Ban Repeal

3,885 signatures

Members of the General Assembly and Governor Hickenlooper:

We the undersigned strongly urge your support for Senate Bill 15-175, a bipartisan measure that would restore Constitutional rights lost to Coloradans with the 2013 passage of House Bill 13-1224, commonly referred to as the "mag-ban bill".

That bill trampled Second Amendment rights by arbitrarily banning commonly-used ammunition magazines, creating a backlash that harmed Colorado’s economy and precipitated lawsuits, recalls and a significant power shift inside Colorado’s Statehouse.

You can help restore those lost rights, and rebuild public trust, by supporting Senate Bill 15-175

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More insurance cancellations

Click here to see the impact of the latest round of health insurance cancellations in Colorado.

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Senator George Rivera

Senator George Rivera represents Senate District 3 in Pueblo County. Senator Rivera is a lifelong resident of Pueblo. He attended Pueblo Community College and obtained an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. In 1971 Senator Rivera joined the Pueblo Police Department where, during his 34 year career he progressed through the ranks from Patrolman, to Corporal, to Sergeant, then Captain and finally retiring in 2005 as Deputy Chief. He and his wife Kathryn make their home in Pueblo.Rivera.jpg

Tell Senator Rivera what issues are important to you!

Senate Committee Assignments
Business, Labor & Technology

Follow Senator George Rivera:
Twiiter @ RiveraSenate3
Facebook @ George Rivera
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Contact Senator George Rivera
Phone: 303-866-4878

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Q: What other issues do you think should be a priority for the Colorado General Assembly?
A: stuff

2013 Legislative Survey

The 2013 legislative session is under way and it is important that your elected officials know what issues are important to you.  Please take a moment to answer this short survey so we can take your opinions back to the General Assembly.

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