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First of all, this forum is for Colorado STATE Senators, who have nothing to do with the FEDERAL Government shutdown.
For that issue, you need to contact Bennet, Gardner and your US Rep.

However, since you brought it up…

In what many would agree is the first recorded lie of history (Gen 3:1) the Serpent created a set of false choices by intentionally editing out essential pieces of context.
It said, “did God really say you can’t eat from ANY trees in the garden?”
The Serpent was very calculating in it’s approach and posed this falsehood to literally the youngest person on Earth, probably because she had the least experience and was the most susceptible to being confused by this intentional distortion of the context.

How does that relate to your post to “end the shutdown?”
When you try to separate “Sanctuary Cities” from “Partial Government Shutdown” YOU are distorting the context by intentionally editing essential pieces of context.
Yes, furloughed government employees are being used as pawns…yes, that is a horrible way to treat them.
But Democrats are confusing ‘great’ with ‘superior.’

Democrats position seems to be,
“America is so superior to all other countries, people should be allowed to abandon their birth citizenship and evolve into ‘real humans’ by re-identifying as American citizens on demand.”

In contrast, Trump is holding firm for the great American bedrock ideas of Equality and Justice.
Citizens of each country are honor bound to make their birth countries great.
We should see other countries as equals to America.
Their citizens should want to make their own countries great, the same way that we want to make our country great.
This is the defenition of EQUALITY.

But Democrats don’t see it that way. Instead, they are convinced that America is Superior and every other country is Inferior.

JUSTICE is recognizing and contributing to law abiding society, which makes lawful countries a GREAT place to live.
We understand the hardship that lawlessness creates in every society. America is not immune.
We should encourage and help others reform their own societies to make them more law abiding, less corrupt and criminal, a.k.a. “GREAT!”
But Democrats think those other countries are incapable of being Great … that’s what makes them so Inferior.

Furloughed government employees are being hurt because Democrats are hell-bent on fostering the idea of American-superiority and the inability of other countries to be ‘Great’ too.

The only long lasting solution is for Democrats to have a change of heart and start supporting the GREAT ideals of Equal greatness and law abiding Justice.

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