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signed Mag Ban Repeal 2015-03-10 17:03:39 -0600

Mag Ban Repeal

3,880 signatures

Members of the General Assembly and Governor Hickenlooper:

We the undersigned strongly urge your support for Senate Bill 15-175, a bipartisan measure that would restore Constitutional rights lost to Coloradans with the 2013 passage of House Bill 13-1224, commonly referred to as the "mag-ban bill".

That bill trampled Second Amendment rights by arbitrarily banning commonly-used ammunition magazines, creating a backlash that harmed Colorado’s economy and precipitated lawsuits, recalls and a significant power shift inside Colorado’s Statehouse.

You can help restore those lost rights, and rebuild public trust, by supporting Senate Bill 15-175

answered 2013-04-03 09:13:28 -0600
Q: What other issues do you think should be a priority for the Colorado General Assembly?
A: The legal fees that will be paid for defending the bills passed and signed into law by Gov Hick, should be taken out of the normal operating budget or the Gov’s funding without additional taxes. Yes it will hurt the state budget, but it will hurt me more. I will be contributing to the legal fees supporting the overturning of the bills and my tax dollars will be spent defending these insane laws. I would like the rest of the country see what happens when they violate the citizen’s rights.

2013 Legislative Survey

The 2013 legislative session is under way and it is important that your elected officials know what issues are important to you.  Please take a moment to answer this short survey so we can take your opinions back to the General Assembly.

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2nd Amendment Petition

5,834 signatures

The Second Amendment is under attack in Colorado. Guided by East Coast gun control lobbyists, Democrats are ushering in extreme proposals to criminalize private transfers of firearms; implement an ambiguously written magazine ban that will drive businesses out of the state; impose fees for purchasers of firearms and other back-handed legislative proposals to execute gun control.

This is why we are asking for your immediate help in combating these outrageous pieces of legislation. Please sign our online petition telling the Democrat majority you OPPOSE these gun control measures!

HB 1224: bans magazines with a capacity of more than 15 bullets. Magazines owned prior to the ban can be kept but cannot be transferred, sold, etc.

HB 1226: prohibits concealed carry on public college campuses.

HB 1228: charges fees for background checks.

HB 1229: requires a background check to be conducted by a licensed firearms dealer before any sale or transfer of a firearm. “Transfer” includes lending a firearm to a friend or family member on a temporary basis.

SB 195: requires concealed carry permit applicants to complete training in-person.

SB 196: “Assault Weapons Responsibility Act” makes users, owners, sellers, distributors, and manufacturers of firearms liable for harm caused by any firearm that was under their control at one point in time and is later misused by someone else.


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